Savannah, GA, May 19th, 2017- Non-Fiction Gallery, a program of Art Rise Savannah, is pleased to announce the opening of Greetings from Wonderland, a two-person exhibition by H. E. Ramage and Zander Stefani. The opening reception is Friday, May 19th from 6 – 9 pm. Non-Fiction Gallery is located at 1522 Bull St, Savannah, GA, and the event is free and open to the public. 10% of all gallery sales will be donated to the ALS Association Georgia Chapter.

Using a variety of mediums, both artists present the concepts of spirituality and purgatory in their work. H. E. Ramage and Zander Stefani use painting, sculpture, and installation to manifest visions of intense existential moments. The work of the two artists is united by their passion to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

H. E. Ramage draws from cultural beliefs and practices relating to the afterlife in present-day and historic civilizations in her work, exploring the myriad ways people have sought peace in the face of mortality. From the sublime experience of nature to the sense of belonging we feel from being a part of cultural ceremony, these shared human experiences create the foundation for Ramage’s paintings and sculptures. Making the artwork is the artist’s ritual, a platform though which to confront the intangible.

Zander Stefani’s work has intertwining tones of spirituality and street style, bringing to light the palpable connection between the pure expression of graffiti and the intense meditation of spirituality. Like voices in his head, each brushstroke compels Stefani forward, whether it deserves to be boldly highlighted and stand out or occupy a quiet place within the composition.


h. e. ramage

Back of My Eyelids, H. E. Ramage, 2017, oil on panel, 30 x 30 in.


In Ramage’s piece Back of My Eyelids, pictured right, the figure lies supine with one hand lifted as she stares out above. The figure has a bare outline at the edges of her form, illustrating an experience in which personal identity is seeping away. This painting represents moments that leave an indelible impression, leaving a person’s individuality crushed under the weight.

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zander stefani

Finish Line, Zander Stefani, 2017, acrylic on panel, 42 x 46 in.


In the painting Finish Line, pictured left, the dark and rigid outlines overlaying the seemingly chaotic layers beneath bring a sense of control. The outlines emulate the materiality of the physical world, creating the structure within our existence. The sense of glowing light breaking through the framework sparks ideas of curiosity and exploration, embracing the comfort of our physical reality while suggesting the infinite possibilities of existence.

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